The very roots of Rmarts LLC started in 1951 at the intersection of Ohio & LaSalle in Downtown Chicago. The focus of the industry at the time was full service gasoline and auto repair. It has since evolved into an emphasis on convenience and community, where open-faced coolers and cappuccino machines have replaced the auto repair bays of yesterday. With change has come the responsibility to progressively adapt to the needs of our customers by offering healthy and nutritious alternatives to the average gas station convenience store. With over 65 years in the business, Rmarts is still family owned and operated in the Chicagoland area.


To Our Community

We believe Rmarts' responsibility begins with managing a business in a manner that will preserve the health of the community, provide meaningful work for employees, and adequate financial return to its principles.

We endeavor to be sensitive to the total wellbeing of our employees and the communities where they work by sharing the responsibility for improving the economic, social, physical and cultural environments of these communities.

To Our Business Conduct

We believe we earn the right to business through quality products, prompt and complete service, and with an approach that emphasizes consistency and long-term associations. We try to conduct our business in a manner that will make our employees and associates proud of the company they work for.

Our overriding goal is complete integrity; integrity not only in our products and service but in our business dealings as well. Every Rmarts employee is expected to conduct business in a way that is socially responsible. No act of impropriety advances the interests of the company.

Quality products and complete service
  • We start with the law. Our policy is to obey it - in letter and spirit.

  • We seek no special favors or considerations from suppliers, customers, competitors or government.

  • We avoid any relationships or arrangements with competitors that would in any way limit the vigor of competition in our markets.

  • We seek long-lasting relationships with all whose activities touch upon our own.

  • We strive toward a uniform standard of fair treatment of employees.

  • Placement based on qualifications for the work to be performed.

  • Fair compensation based on contribution.

  • Respect for the dignity and rights of each employee.

  • Protection of the health and safety of each employee.

  • We seek to conserve the resources and protect the quality of the environment in areas where we operate.

Every manager has a special responsibility to communicate and enforce these beliefs, and to set a standard of performance for those they supervise. Employees should seek guidance on all questions of propriety before actions are taken, for no one can be allowed to abuse Rmarts' good name through any illegal or unethical act.